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T: 604.800.9010

Marriage & Family Counselling

“When we first got married, we felt confident about our relationship, we were happy and in love.  Over time, life happened and our marriage slowly deteriorated with it.  We just don’t get along anymore.  We don’t experience the same “loving feeling” for each other, and we wonder if this marriage is for us.  We want it to work but it hasn’t after trying different things and talking to various people.  We wonder if there is hope for us because we feel stuck in a rut, having the same issues crop up over and over again.  Little things become big things, and we never resolve them.  We continue to sweep them under the rug and co-exist until the next episode brings them all up again.  We are starting to resent each other, we don’t understand each other, we don’t like each other at times, and it feels like we’re drifting apart.”

marriage counsellingAs a marriage counsellor, I have seen and heard many stories like the one above.  It is a painful reality that many of us live through for years.  We try your best to understand it and deal with it.  We try to convince ourself that all marriages have problems.  But the reality is, marriage has become intolerable.  And the thought of having a life long future with our partner makes us feel sad, skeptical, and scared.

Are you feeling so helplesss about your relationship that you can’t do it on your own anymore?  At Brentwood Counselling Centre, we can help.  With almost 20 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of couples overcome broken marriages.  We offer research based methods to guide you through issues such as: communication breakdown, broken trust, conflict resolution, financial difficulties, family issues, parenting challenges, sex and intimacy issues, personality differences, lack of affection, lack of common interests, and differing spirituality.  We work with you to analyze how the marriage turned from Good to Bad to Worse.  And empower you with the tools and skills to break the negative cycle of fighting and focus instead on strategies that help you achieve a happy, healthy, long-lasting marriage.  Start fighting FOR your marriage instead of against it.  Leave feeling confident, happy, and in love again.  It can happen.

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